Riaz Capital

One of the fastest growing residential developers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Riaz Capital is a pioneer in urban workforce and student housing with nearly a billion dollars of real estate under management.

Indiginus helped Riaz Capital acquire 80% new investors for its recently closed Ozone Fund III. Approximately $30 million of the $100+ million fundraise was directly attributable to our data-driven digital strategies and the rest heavily influenced by our marketing. Indiginus helped conceive, write, and design the Riaz Capital investment deck and memorandum, website content, and social media posts for Ozone Fund III, while running a paid marketing program on multiple platforms to acquire investors.


Headquartered in Chicago, RUME USA is a fully vertically integrated real estate investment firm with a $700M+ asset portfolio targeting value-add multifamily assets in strategic high-potential U.S. markets.

Indiginus is helping RUME USA hone its fund strategy, articulate and validate its investment thesis through research and analysis, and craft institutional-grade investment materials.

Cambrian Asset Management

Headquartered in California, Cambrian Asset Management is a quantitative investment firm for crypto and digital assets with an AUM of over $200 million.

Indiginus is helping Cambrian articulate its investment thesis, identify its target investor audience, and develop a brand voice and marketing strategy to support its fundraising efforts with institutional investors. A new website, long form content, and posts on social channels will go live in the first quarter of 2023.

American Indian Foundation (AIF)

In the aftermath of the devastating Gujarat earthquake of 2001, the American India Foundation was founded at the behest of President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee as a philanthropy platform to help both Americans and Indians participate in India’s democratic and economic growth.

Indiginus developed AIF’s brand strategy, helped identify its target audience, and redesigned key components of the website. Indiginus is consulting with AIF on CRM database management and marketing infrastructure, and running fundraising and donor re-engagement campaigns that include performance marketing, email marketing, and social media content. We helped increase AIF’s LinkedIn following by 45% and number of monthly donations by 88% in a 6 month timeframe.